Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thrifty Tips

So I do not have an outfit pic today, sorry to devastate & please do not jump off that bridge..... Lol! I thought I'd post a few of my thrifting tips. Give some insight on how I score a Juicy Couture blazer for $3.99 that retails for more than $300! Or how I find an Anthroplogie dress for $8 & resell on EBay for $128!!!! Sorry do not mean to brag, only to help you do the same!!

First off I cannot stress enough the importance of being a "Brand Whore" sorry girls, it's true! If you know Designers, Brands & Labels then you will be the girl who finds the Marc Jacobs dress because you happen to know who he is! Probably the easiest way to keep up on brands is fashion magazines, it's like an investment ;).

The second thing is being present. This means you have to sacrifice some time to frequent your favorite thrift shops. Stopping by repeatedly even if it's a hurried stop, can get you a first look at newly donated or consigned goods.

Third is to have an idea of the value of the items you find. This will help you decide if $3 is too much to pay for that shirt that is currently in the stores for $15. Also this will help you if you plan on reselling the amazing Michael Kors dress you found for $2 but will never be able to fit into. Knowing the prices of labels & designers is a must!

Hope you enjoyed the tips.... Until next time thrift it up!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday

Morning Thrift Dolls! After a loooonnnggg weekend we return to work in a thunderstorm.... My weekend was great just hanging with the family.

My outfit today is really quite comfy!!
The Dress is Donna Morgan. I have seen her dresses at department stores like Von Maur for upwards of $100. Of course I did not pay that ;). $30 TJ Maxx!!

But the claim to bragging rights are my shoes today!
Nine West makes shoes that last for years! I have been so happy with all of my Nine West's. These I found on a clearance rack at Macy's, $17, originally $89!!! Now don't get me wrong not thrift store prices but I wil never pass up cute Nine West shoes for $17, never.... Lol!

Go forth and thrift!!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday morning

So last night I gave up 2 hours of precious thrift time to take my girl to the mall. It was sacrificial but in doing so I scored a couple of great deals on 2 amazing belts and a fabulous hat! The orange belt was $1 & the hat was $4!!! Kinda felt as though I was thrifting & my little buggie was happy to be at the mall.

My outfit today isn't too thrifty either :(. But is a major fav!!! This rust color is one of my current obsessions & shut the front door, there are polka dots!!!!! The belt & skirt are both Forever 21 & the ruffled blouse is Odille from Anthropologie. If I remember the blouse was originally $88 & I scored for $30. Splurge for a thrifter ;).

Hope Sunday is amazing! Went to dinner after church with my best friend & had a fabulous time as always!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrift Mix

Morning thrift Dolls! I happen to love my comfy outfit today. Would love it even if it were totally not comfy just because it is cute! I have many reasons to love what I am wearing and this is why....
Dress is Merona & new from Target I just happened to pick it up at Goodwill (or the GW as I prefer) for $4!!!

I featured the belt in a pic because it is one of my closest friends! I have worn it to the point of softening the leather. Are you ready for this???? Nordstom for $5!!!!!! Yes even I can score a $5 find at Nordstrom!!!! Go ahead dare me I'll do it again........

Shoes I found on clearance at Target for $13. These shoes can be mixed with sooooo many things! And the fiercely high heel really gets me places!

Thanks for traveling on my thrift journey ! Buckle up cause we're just getting started........

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Odille blouse from Anthropologie.  $98 retail, scored for $2.00
So... Who/what is subconciously CoCo?  Well where do we start?  Every glammy girl has a little CoCo Chanel inside her.  We strive to be a little more glam, we hope to be the best dressed girl at our next event. So that being said can we all afford to be as glam as CoCo????  Don't even think I need to answer this one...

Although it seems my only interest is cramming as much into my custom built closet as I possibly can, I also am a wife & a mother to a 4 year old, quite glam, little Diva (who gets inspiration from Momma's closet).

I consider myself to be a Queen Thrifter.  This means I am quite accomplished at being able to find a $300.00 skirt for $2.00.  I've been known to sniff out a $900.00 pair of designer python shoes & bring them home for $10.  Yes this is my drug.  I love fabulous designer clothes & am a bit of a brand whore (oh yes I did).  Although I have paid retail for an item I really love, it's much more fulfilling to dig deep into a treasure chest of thrift & find a designer item for next to nothing.

I look forward to sharing my thirft travels & many pieces I love from my own collection!