Saturday, June 30, 2012

Too hot to thrift????

Is it ever too hot to thrift???? Well with record temperatures in the 100's, I agree that it is too hot to do anything. While the cooler temps of the morning held a few thrift adventures with my best gal, the sweltering temps brought us inside. I have to be blunt... Today was the day I lost my craft virginity..... 1st off let's talk about the dress I was wearing during this monumentous time....

I had my eye on this dress at Anthropologie. Anthro has some of my favorite frocks but they can be pricey. The price was about $150. I watched online for a while as the price was finally slashed to $79. I was in an Anthro store and they all have a sale closet. I saw the dress in the sale closet figuring it probably was the price of the current online markdown of $79. To my surprise.... I scored for $29!!!!! Major victory. It's called "By the Bay" dress.... The idea is the little pockets can hold your clams & shells as you walk the beach ;).

Okay so my first time craft......
I saw this idea on Pinterest & our decor in our home is fairly modern so I thought this was adorable! The first picture is the pinterest pic and the second is my tree. Had so much fun my first time!!!!!!

Until next time.... If you find a way to keep cool while thrifting share your secret!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garden party

Good morning Thrift Dolls! My dress today makes me feel like I should be going to a garden party instead of sitting in my office..... Atleast a girl can dream. Unfortunately I am not ver thrifty today, but not over the top either. I do have one of my favs on, which I've blogged about before, my $5 Nordstrom belt :). Dress is a high low dress, a cute trend. It's Forever 21. $30, which isn't bad because many F21 clothes I only buy if I really love because they are not the best quality. This dress is actually lined and has some substance to it. Always love ruffles too! My cardi is from a local boutique, Cactus Flower. This place is amazing there are 2 levels. Lower level is new boutique clothing with a sake closet in the back (very Anthro). Upstairs houses consignment & vintage frocks. It's one of those places I never leave empty handed! Hope your Wednesday is full of fabulous finds! I plan on popping into Vintage Vogue Goodwill today, just incase......

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thrift thrift and more thrift

Okay have a few finds to share with you all. I think it quite comical when you go to GW and there are tons of handbags hanging in the special purchase section and you literally can go to Kohls and purchase for almost the same price. Then you are digging through the regular $2.99 bags and find an amazing Salvatore Ferragamo bag! So I am checking out and 2 college girls are working the register and they gasp when they see it! And at that moment I had a connection with 2 girls who were label whores as we'll!!! :) I was so excited because it has the classic Ferragamo bow on the front! Major score!!!!!!!!!!

She's back....

Morning thrift Dolls! Well after vacation and playing catchup I have lots to talk about. First off is what I am wearing today. So.... I am at dinner with my most dear friend. She pulls out a bag with a skirt she got me at Goodwill. I instantly feel my cheeks stretch from ear to ear. Before looking at the tag I think I know what she found..... Eeeeepppp the colors are amazing the cut looks very familiar.... Could it be..... Yes!!! Odillle, my favorite skirt maker for Anthropologie! Now if you know Anthro you will know the skirt I am wearing is most likely $150 skirt. She paid $4!!!!! Major score! And it's just my size!!!!!! Okay thrift Dolls believe me I have more to show you but I will let you digest this jewel first....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Dresses!

I love a full flouncy dress with pockets, okay I really love them!!! I also happen to really love Navy, in many cases it's the new black!

The dress is Talbots. Price tag was $170, I purchased at TJ Maxx for $24.99!!!!! Winning!
The belt is also from TJ Maxx, it's Kenneth Cole and was $7.
Brooch is yard sale $.25 ( couldn't you just die!)

Let's talk about these amazing Guess shoes! Once again TJ Maxx they were around $30 & retail for $75!!!!!!!

So let's total the retail... Approx $300 & I paid $62!!! Thrifting rocks!!!!

Until next time thrift it up!