Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garden party

Good morning Thrift Dolls! My dress today makes me feel like I should be going to a garden party instead of sitting in my office..... Atleast a girl can dream. Unfortunately I am not ver thrifty today, but not over the top either. I do have one of my favs on, which I've blogged about before, my $5 Nordstrom belt :). Dress is a high low dress, a cute trend. It's Forever 21. $30, which isn't bad because many F21 clothes I only buy if I really love because they are not the best quality. This dress is actually lined and has some substance to it. Always love ruffles too! My cardi is from a local boutique, Cactus Flower. This place is amazing there are 2 levels. Lower level is new boutique clothing with a sake closet in the back (very Anthro). Upstairs houses consignment & vintage frocks. It's one of those places I never leave empty handed! Hope your Wednesday is full of fabulous finds! I plan on popping into Vintage Vogue Goodwill today, just incase......

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