Saturday, June 30, 2012

Too hot to thrift????

Is it ever too hot to thrift???? Well with record temperatures in the 100's, I agree that it is too hot to do anything. While the cooler temps of the morning held a few thrift adventures with my best gal, the sweltering temps brought us inside. I have to be blunt... Today was the day I lost my craft virginity..... 1st off let's talk about the dress I was wearing during this monumentous time....

I had my eye on this dress at Anthropologie. Anthro has some of my favorite frocks but they can be pricey. The price was about $150. I watched online for a while as the price was finally slashed to $79. I was in an Anthro store and they all have a sale closet. I saw the dress in the sale closet figuring it probably was the price of the current online markdown of $79. To my surprise.... I scored for $29!!!!! Major victory. It's called "By the Bay" dress.... The idea is the little pockets can hold your clams & shells as you walk the beach ;).

Okay so my first time craft......
I saw this idea on Pinterest & our decor in our home is fairly modern so I thought this was adorable! The first picture is the pinterest pic and the second is my tree. Had so much fun my first time!!!!!!

Until next time.... If you find a way to keep cool while thrifting share your secret!!!!

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